Call for Abstract Submissions

The international conference on "Muhyiddin Ibn  ĽArabi: His Legacy and its Pertinence in the Contemporary World" will be held on Fabruary 20-21, 2023 by the department of Religions and Mysticism at the Iranian Institute of Philosophy (IRIP).

On behalf of the organizing committee, we kindly invite all researchers in philosophy and mysticism to contribute to the conference with papers on the topics listed below.

Conference Themes:

The Legacy of Ibn Arabi:

- in Iran

- in Anatolia

- in the Middle East

- in North and West Africa

- in the Indian Subcontinent

- in East and South-East Asia

- in Europe and America

The Significance of Ibn ‘Arabi for Understanding Islam

Ibn ‘Arabi and Shi’i Philosophy and Mysticism

Ibn ‘Arabi and Interreligious Dialogue

The Influence of Ibn ‘Arabi on Islamic Philosophy and Theology

The Influence of Ibn ‘Arabi on Islamic Cultures and Civilization

The Significance of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Teachings for Contemporary Issues

Formatting and Submission Guidelines:
The abstracts must be between 500-800 words and shall be received by the submission deadline. (The submission deadline: 22 November 2022)
for submit article first register in website; If you can't register you can send contact us via email or numbers available on the poster.
No predetermined structure is required for the abstracts. However, we recommend your abstract contain the following:
- An introduction to the subject, its importance, and your research goals.
- Your research method
- An outline of the most significant points of your article
- A brief summary of the overall result of the research